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Happy Living Foldable Workout Bench

  • 1 Foldable Workout Bench
  • Designed For Functionality:
    • The slim design of the adjustable weight bench allows you to knockout your workout anywhere! The various features are easy to use and take almost no time or effort to adjust. 
  • Various Adjustable Options:
    • Easily adjust the angle of the backrest seat, or height of the contoured foam rollers to suit your needs. Maximize your full body workout with only one piece of equipment and make your home your very own gym! 
  • Comfortable Foam Padding:
    • The backrest and seat padding are made of soft foam that allow you to get your work outs done comfortably. Nothing is better than working out in the comfort of your home, but a comfortable piece of equipment is an added bonus! 
    • Weight Capacity:
      • The strong steel frame holds up to 500lbs. The thick steel will ensure your workout is safe. The added safety pin will hold the bench in the desired position while it is being used. The adjustable weight bench is light enough to be carried from one room to another but sturdy enough to hold your body. 
    • Foldable & Space Saving:
      • Easily fold down your workout bench when you are done using it! Say goodbye to big and bulky gym equipment, store this bench away in a closet, garage, or any corner in your home. 
    • Maximum capacity: 
      • 500lbs 
      • Package Dimensions:
        • 35 inches * 15 inches * 11 inches 
        • This workout bench comes semi-assembled along with easy to follow instructions. 
        • Installation tools are included in the package.

          Happy Living Foldable Workout Bench