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Happy Living Standing Desk Workstation

  • 1 Standing Desk Workstation
  • Instant Active Standing:
    • This workstation gives you the freedom of getting out of your chair when needed. Relieve muscle tension or stain while increasing productivity at the same time! 
  • Strong Lift Assist: 
    • It takes little to no effort to switch between sitting and standing work modes. A light squeeze of the side handle allows you to smoothly raise and lower the workstation with ease.
  • Spacious Surface: 
    • The 34.6" X 15.7" desktop provides enough room for a single or dual monitor or laptop setup. The 25.6" X 11.8" keyboard tray includes a keyboard stopper and raises in sync with the top  surface.
  • Stable Construction: 
    • The standing desk workstation does not need any mounting or complicated assembly. This workstation resists wobbling, shaking, and tipping when placed on a large enough desk. The X- shaped steel frame can withstand up to 44 pounds!
  • Accessory Slot 
    • Keep your devices on hand such as your phone or tablet by propping them up on the accessory slot. this feature can also hold writing utensils, notebooks, and more! 
  • Maximum capacity: 
    • Desktop
      • 33lbs 
    • Keyboard Tray
      • 11lbs
    • Electric use:
      • This item is non electric powered. 
      • The standing desk is nearly ready to use out of the box! Simply attach the keyboard tray, feet & cable clips to start organizing your workstation.

        Happy Living Standing Desk Workstation