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Happy Living Technical Mesh Office Chair

  • 1 Technical Mesh Office Chair 
  • Ergonomic Design:
    • This mesh chair offers a modern look and keeps you cool at the same time. This chair is built from form and function, the curved back is perfect for great posture while performing tasks in the office or working from home. 
  • Easily Adjustable:
    • Forget about stationary office chairs, adjust the tilt tension with the lever under the seat for comfortable positioning., Raise and lower the height to fit the height of your desk or work area and push in the lever to lock it into place. 
  • Multiple Features
    • The mesh chair also includes adjustable arm rests, an adjustable head rest, and a coat hanger! Choose the position of your arm rests and head rest to keep you comfortable throughout the day, and keep your coat unwrinkled and out of the way by hanging it behind your chair when you are seated. 
  • Smooth Mobility:
    • There is no need for you to stand and reposition your chair every time you need to; the smooth casters allow you to move easily in your workplace or home office. The wheels generate minimal noise while you glide and reposition yourself.
      • The mesh chair comes semi-assembled with easy to follow instructions. 

        Happy Living Technical Mesh Office Chair