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Happy Living Electric Underdesk Treadmill

  • 1 Electric Underdesk Treadmill
  • Speed:
    • Ranges from 0.5mph to 4mph. The shock-absorbing and non-slip material offers enough space for you to comfortably walk in the comfort of your own home or office. 
  • Space Saving Design:
    • Forget about big and bulky treadmills, this sleek Gamma treadmill design takes up minimal space in your home or office. The compact design is easier for you to place under your bed, inside your closet, or even under your couch and out of sight when not in use! 
  • Built-In Dashboard:
    • Control your speed, preset programs, and start/stop your workout. The "Mode" button allows you to switch between various modes shown on the LCD display, such as:
      • Time Countdown 
      • Distance Countdown
      • Calories Countdown
  • Versatility:
    • The built-in-wheels allow you to easily move your treadmill to anywhere in your home or office. Use the Wireless Remote to start, stop, or to select your desired preset program. It's an easy and convenient way to complete your daily workout.
  • Built-In Workout Programs:
    • There are 12 programs to choose from to start your workout. 
  • Maximum capacity: 
    • 220lbs 
    • Package Dimensions:
      • 51.87 inches * 23.5 inches * 5.5 inches 
      • No assembly required. 
      • Plug in the power cord an enjoy your workout! 

        Happy Living Electric Underdesk Treadmill